Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Test Kitchen Tuesday - Johnsonville Chicken Sausage

I'll admit this is a slightly uninspiring blog post, but hey, what the hell...
Keeping in tradition of Test Kitchen Tuesday, I recently tried Johnsonville's new Chicken Sausages.  We have covered Red's love of bacon, but not sausage.  It ranks a close second.  I thought that since I was able to match a coupon with a BOGO sale, I would try these alternatives to snausage.

One night I made baked ziti and added the sliced up 'sausage'.  I will admit that the flavor and consistency were not what I was expecting.  They were more like Polish Kielbasa rather than a traditional pork sausage.  Red loved them, I found them a little yucky*.

*I have a pretty permanent visceral reaction to all forms of ground meat.  Working with it, cooking it, eating it - makes me gag.  Don't know why, I think it is a texture thing - I like my meat whole, not mashed.

The next time I used it, I sliced it up and sauteed it with some frozen pierogi (Polish ravioli for all of you not in the know).  This is my favorite unhealthy - I don't feel like cooking meal.  I thought that the sausages were better in this dish, but still not a huge fan.  Red gobbled them right up.

Would I recommend them?  I personally wouldn't, but Red thought they were great.  It is probably my hatred of ground meats that interferes with an unbiased opinion of this food.


  1. I always buy chicken or turkey sausage. Real sausage GROSSES ME OUT.

  2. Cracked me up when I tried them because they have 770mg of salt which is 33% of the recommended daily intake of sodium per sausage, and 25% cholesterol.