Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspectin' Bridges!

I've recently had some people inquire as to what I used to do for work, so I'll show ya!

State transportation agencies employ 'inspectors'.  Our job is to make sure that private contractors are building bridges and roads to state and federal specifications.  We read plans and specification books to make sure that everything is getting done the way it should be.  So, here are pics and vids of the last job I was working on - it is an almost $50 million dollar project in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.  The bridge is over a dam on the Connecticut River (96 feet from road surface to rocks and gushing water).
The view from under the bridge - almost 1/4 mile long

Me running the big Tonka toys
Water running under the bridge - DON'T fall in.
What is more exciting than walking on 8" wide beams 96' over rocks and gushing water in the dark?

There ya go!  It's dirty and dangerous and I loved every second of it!

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