Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I hereby dub Wednesdays 'Wacky Wednesday'.  Here, you may find tales of the weird, strange, unusual, but hopefully humorous.

Since it is the season for the temperature to drop (although we don't have any snow), I've noticed that the cold air seems to creep into our apartments around the old windows.  Our 1800's era farm house could use a few new windows or at least a parka.  This weekend, in an effort to cut down on the chill, we went around and hung curtains for a little extra insulation, however, we realized that the fine workmanship crappy engineering that went into installing our dryer hose ventilation was a huge source of heat loss (note: this was done before we moved in).  Imagine a very old window, opened, with pink foam insulation stuffed in it around the dryer hose.  Quality, I know.

So, in a half assed effort to seal it up a little, temporarily until we do a redesign, we stuffed some towels around said window.  Since there is no door on the laundry room, but there was a 1" diameter wooden dowel hung over the door, the Insomniac Mom/former engineer got the bright idea to fold a sheet and hang it from the dowel to keep some of that cold in that room.

We folded up one of our old sheets, and wrapped it around the dowel a few times.  For some reason, I felt the need to give the sheet a little 'tensile stress test' for endurance and cat purposes and tugged on it a little.  The data obtained from said test is that the dowel was not properly affixed to the door jamb, and was apparantly constructed in a way that it would fall on the person performing quality testing on it.  Square in the nose.

Tears.  Nose faucet.  Instant pain.  Laughter coming from the other side of the sheet.

This is one of those incidents that was NOT hysterical at the time, but in hindsight, maybe it is a little comical.  Like dad always said "It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye.  Then it's hysterical."

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