Friday, January 13, 2012

10 Things I Love About Motherhood

OK, I'm feeling very creative tonight...posting a couple of times...maybe it's the second bottle of wine I'm consuming while Red is out plowing snow for the third night in a row...maybe it's the fact that I feel like this is the only one sided adult conversation I am capable of having other than the 462 texts that I have sent and received today.

I saw a great writing prompt over at Mama Kats Losin It and just had to vent...
10 Things I Love About Motherhood:

1.  I'm the cool kid at parties who has a bottle of formula, not beer in her back pocket.
2.  My entire wardrobe used to consist of black shirts.  I cannot do this anymore as it shows baby puke more than any other color in my closet.  It has given me an excuse to buy a whole new puke friendly wardrobe.
3.  I love being the obnoxious person that I used to hate who bragged about their future model/Nobel Prize & Heisman trophy winning/President of the World/bazillionaire child.  Annoying people has always been a hobby of mine.
4.  Killer bi's and tri's from lifting a gigantic Yeti all the time.
5.  I will have someone that I can spend hours creating new ways to embarrass and it will never get old.  Hey, payback is a bitch, kiddo.
6.  It's a great excuse to blow off those people who always want to do stuff with you, that you tolerate, but secretly hate.
7.  A new pupil in Farting Education.  I feel it is very important to pass on a beloved family tradition.
8.  I was running out of things to complain about after 28 years.  Pregnancy and motherhood have given me a whole new exciting avenue of bitching.
9.  It's better than TV.  I can stare at the Yeti for countless hours, entertained by every expression, fart, burp, and indication that he will be the child mentioned in item 3.  Realistically this is a money saving tactic.  Cable is highway robbery.
10.  Lastly:
I can confidently say that I pushed a 9 lb 3 oz child out of my vagina.  Remember folks: putting them in is a lot more fun than taking them out.


  1. #9 is so true! My 5 month old can entertain me for hours (if only I didn't have to stop and do things like eat, sleep, and take care of my other children...)!!!

  2. I love the nickname "the Yeti"! And #10 is definitely a huge accomplishment and something to be proud of.

    Stopping by from the restless blog hop to say hi!


  3. Wow it's easy to relate to most of these. Love this post! Makes you not miss your former life so much!