Sunday, January 22, 2012

Extreme Couponing Gripes...continued

If you weren't sick of me ranting about that stupid show, you may be when you are finished reading this post.  I spent a few minutes of quiet time researching the negative impact of the show Extreme Couponing.

Google 'Extreme Couponing Backlash' and you will be awarded with a plethora of articles from such sites as MSN Money, Today News, Yahoo, and other reputable sites who are listing the effect of this train wreck show.

It seems that since EC has been on air, coupon use has skyrocketed, which super markets and manufacturers appreciate to a point.  However...

-Many major supermarket chains have limited their coupon policy due to the large number of people shelf clearing.  WTF people - this is a true sign of American greed that couponers are clearing shelves so that others may not use their normal amounts of coupons to feed their family economically

-Supermarket managers are stating that people think it is acceptable to argue with cashiers or the managers over coupon policies/usage.  Doing this also angers other customers who are waiting in the check out line behind said selfish assholes.  This is unbelievable to me - I will admit that I have had POLITE interactions with my store staff about couponing discrepencies, but work within the rules people.  My local chain has a crystal clear coupon policy that I have never had a problem following.

-Theft of Sunday newspapers and illegal coupon photocopying has gone through the roof.  My god people - I'm sure we all know plenty of people who buy Sunday papers who DON'T coupon and would be more than happy to give you their inserts.

-More coupon manufacturers are placing heavier restrictions on the usage of their coupons.  Had to ruin it for everyone didn't you?  Selfish bastards.

-Women (usually stay at home moms) claiming they spend 40+ hours per week and making their kids clip coupons is a way to spend quality time with their brood?  Can you say 'violation of child labor laws'?  Looking for ways to spend quality time with your children?  How 'bout you plop them in front of their xbox 360 or DS.  Maybe if you had less than enough kids to replace the robots on Its A Small World, you wouldn't be so broke.

-Women who vehemently state that they will ONLY buy food that they have a coupon for?  What about fresh fruit and veggies and meat that isn't canned, processed, or frozen?  I will admit that I think it is a myth that coupons only exist for junk food.  As long as you aren't a organic-gluten free-food Nazi, there are plenty of coupons for healthy goods (soups, eggs, yogurt, etc).  I will admit that I concentrate my produce and meat shopping on foods that are currently on sale, but never deny myself and my family fresh food.  Have you seen some of the morbidly obese women on this show?

-Some psychologists are actually claiming that couponing is the newest form of OCD - people are obsessively scouring flyers and clipping coupons to get the best deal.  Have you seen these people having anxiety attacks at the register?  Not normal.

-Also, the marketing psychology behind coupons can sometimes get the unaware consumer to spend MORE money, not save.  For example, you need ice cream (everyone needs ice cream, right?).  You only need ONE half gallon, but you have a coupon for $1.00 of of two - hey, why not get them both, you are saving money right?  You have a coupon.  In reality, you are now almost doubling the money you have spent on ice cream and are bringing home an extra 19,439 calories into the household.

In one article, a journalist contacted TLC about these apparent negative effects on the couponing microcosm.  TLC gave the standard 'McDonalds answer to obesity' stating that it is just a television show and people can do with that subject matter what they want.  Hmm...doesn't TLC stand for The Learning Channel? or is it Take Lots of Coupons?  Looks like they are teaching people bad habits to me.

In conclusion:  thank you Extreme Couponers for ruining couponing for those people who use it in moderation to feed their family or to be able to afford to make donations food pantries, animal shelters, and emergency services.  Way to go.


  1. It never worked for me. Somehow I always ended up spending more when I used coupons. Obviously, I am doing something terribly wrong.

  2. I don't use coupons. I couldn't justify spending $2.50 to get the Sunday paper to save 1.25 in coupons. Most of the stuff there are coupons for, I don't use and frankly, my house is not a storage facility. I don't have the room for 3 boxes of pancake mix just so I can save 50 cents on them.

  3. Fortunately, our newspapers out here in the Boonies are only fifty cents so I can pick one or two up. Also, my family saves their inserts for me, so I get some for free. I do NOT stock up on things I don't use and I have a huge pantry so I am able to keep a stock of some things. I tend to use coupons for things like yogurt (yummy and healthy), eggs, fruit and veggies (canned or frozen). I do not have 853 bottles of hot sauce and 751 toothbrushes hanging around.