Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zen Hair Care, I mean Wen...

Once in a while, I may plug a specific product on here.  Please know that these are not paid advertising, I am just giving an honest opinion on products I like.
My Mimi and my mom are truly beautiful women.  I hope that when I reach their ages that I am as stunning and youthful as they are.  Therefore, I take their beauty advice and product recommendations whenever possible.  Another thing about my mom, she shops on QVC.  As much as I chide her about this habit, she does come across some great products.  One of my favorites, that she buys for me (no, I will NOT purchase anything from the TV for fear that my addictive behavior will escalate my shopping habit out of control) is Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean.  For those of you not in the know, it is a shampoo-less leave in conditioner product touted to bring your hair to levels never before seen.  It is sulfate free so as to preserve hair color.  I had seen infomercials on this stuff for years and being the grumpy, skeptical reincarnation of my Gramma Growley (my paternal grandmother about whom I will share stories in later posts, and yes, we really called her that) I called shenanigans.  The super human models on TV shake their angelic heads and shiny waves of hair catch the light and your eye.  One day my mom admitted that she had ordered some from QVC and absolutely raved about its benefits.  Her formerly dull, wiry, highlighted (shhh…to hide the grays) hair, was now soft and shiny after only two uses of Wen.  I had never seen it look this way in my 28 years.  She gave me the free sample that they sent her with the bottles that she had ordered (a delicious pumpkin spice which also happens to be one of my favorite tastes and smells).  I tried it once and was not impressed.  You are supposed to massage the Wen into your hair for a full minute then leave it in for five minutes.  FIVE MINUTES IN THE SHOWER?!?!  I HAVE A NEWBORN! Yeah right.  The next day I gave it another shot (after wrangling Red to entertain the Yeti for my shower time).  After my hair dried, it was starting to gain the shine that mom’s hair had.  Keep in mind that my hair had undergone every possible beauty treatment on the market since I was 15 and my hair had been very dull and greasy since living in our apartment as the water has an extremely high iron content (as in it turns our whites orange in the wash).  I was hooked.  I now use Wen about three times a week.  I can honestly say that while I personally cannot afford to buy this product consistently (I have a very generous momma who gives it to me), I strongly recommend it.
It sounds goofy, but I now truly look forward to my shower time.  Partially because (as anyone with an infant knows), shower time is a treat.  When I use the Wen, its like a little vacation from the toils of being a mom.  My Petit Spa (literally if you have seen the size of my batheroom).  Delishously hot water coursing over my body, beautiful steam filling my lungs, tasty smells filling my nostrils.  It is an amazing feeling to get out of the shower and have amazingly soft hair to make me feel like a hottie again, which is sometimes difficult when trying to get that prebaby body back.  Try it out!

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