Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Simple minds...

You may find, from time to time, that I post something that may seem trivial to most, but I find enormously exciting.  While I do not live a very green life style, I do try to reduce, reuse, recycle, donate, etc.  Any little bit helps, right?  I just need to say that I have been very perplexed to find uses for the scoops that come with cannisters of formula.  They have been accumulating in the utensil drawer, with out purpose, for almost a month.  Then, that flicker of inspiration sparked today while making a nice mug of hot chocolate - why not use it to dispense other goods that come in powdered form?  Nesquik?  Flour?  Sugar?  Hot Cocoa mix?  Powdered laundry detergent ? (Hey, you really don't need that huge scoop they give you, it really is wasteful and too much soap, it doesn't all rinse out of your clothes).  The possibilities are endless...I may be able to sleep good tonight knowing that I have solved THAT conundrum.

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