Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My first post...

I guess for my first post, I will share a little bit about me and why I am doing this. 

I grew up in very rural Western Massachusetts (no those aren't banjos you hear) and went to a private high school.  I graduated Cum Laude and disappointed everyone by only going to a local community college and not a big fancy (expensive) institution.  Ever the nerd - I majored in Engineering and graduated with the highest GPA of my graduating class.  I was offered my first job before I graduated and started the Monday after my last class. 

Fast forward five years.  My life mainly revolved around drinking, my tuxedo cat, Harley, and immersing myself in work with very little personal fulfillment.  Until...I met Red.  I won't get all sappy on you and fawn over how romantic it was (we did meet in a dive bar) but when I saw that 6'3" yankees hat and work boots wearing red head, I was in love.  Four months later we were living together, I had changed jobs (still in the construction industry), and we were expecting a little monster...

The new job didn't go so well, when they found out I was pregnant they placed me on UNPAID medical leave and told I could reapply for my job when my doctor said I was able to do my job without restriction.  I sat on the couch and cried for three weeks.  My loving and extremely supportive man worked round the clock to support us.  After a two month battle with that company to at least allow me to collect unemployment we were finally a little more financially stable.

By the end of October, Red got the job he had been applying and hoping for since March (with benefits!!!), we had a great first apartment, I had a ring on my finger, and our very healthy (and large) son, Kayden Malcolm, had been born.  I had never been happier.

I decided to do a blog because I have a lot to say (even if no one wants to hear it).  I enjoy writing and wish I did this the day I became pregnant because I have a lot to share!  Come on back for rants on motherhood, couponing (yes, I do it, and it does save money), planning a wedding, cooking (I ADORE cooking), slightly demented poetry, tales of who knows what, family, searching for a job, and a plethora of other baloney.  Hopefully some of my nonsensical rants will inspire, cause a laugh, or learn ya something.



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