Monday, December 26, 2011

A View into the Minds of New Dads

When we had the Yeti, we agreed that since my Red drives trucks and runs heavy equipment all day and that I stay at home and rarely sleep, that I would take care of all the night time wake ups.  I absolutely had no problem with this and it works very well.  No over tired heavy equipment operators, thank you.

Christmas day, after we finished our family obligations, we decided to just go home, watch a movie, and crash.  Recover from that holiday hangover.  Red fell asleep in the green sleeping pill, and the Yeti, who was wide awake, was expecting to be entertained.  So, when Red awoke, I asked that he provide entertainment so that I could take an uninterrupted nap for an hour or so.  I escape into the bedroom, shut the doors, turn up the tv, snuggle with my favorite body pillow and Snarles Barkley and blissfully drift off to sleep.

Insert baby screams.

I tried to sleep through it.  I just kept hoping he would stop.  We aren't talking fussing or crying, but that infant scream.  You know it.

Well, I guess that nap is done.  I enter the living room, eye brows furrowed, awaiting to attack the first thing that looked at me.  I made sure I stubbed my toe on the door casing just to make sure I was extra ticked off.

Why is the baby screaming? He's hungry, feed him. - Me

What is that?  Mom sense?  How am I supposed to know that noise means he wants to eat. - Red

We had a few hours of very nonexistent conversation until I decided we needed to go for a ride and see what there was for Christmas lights in the hilltowns before they got taken down.

Sometimes I get really frustrated because you spend so much time with the Yeti and know everything about him, but I don't. - Red

I felt bad.  I wondered what must really go through a dad's mind when he knows he doesn't have that connection that a mother and infant have.  I had to forgive him for interrupting my Christmas day nap and have a new understanding of what goes through his mind.  I'm starting to think men are more complex than women.

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