Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a little creative writing...

An Ode to the Midnight Change

At the midnight hour,
Your sweet coos begin to sour.
As I lift my heavy head,
From the pillows in my bed,
With eyes afire from the light,
Delicious sleep, my brain does fight.
I pray for a blow out, NOT
As I lift my screaming tot.
Dreary digits wrangle onsie snaps,
My nostrils curl from the craps.
Wipe the guano from your ass,
Another child? I think I’ll pass.
Talcum powder I do squeeze.
Don’t inhale! Oh no, a sneeze.
Frigid air, a fountain is caused,
We both need to switch pajamas.
Now the diaper is back on,
My kicking babe, Satan’s Spawn.
Back asleep, my little brat.
Oh no, I stepped on the cat.
I lay in bed, now wide awake.
Infomercials again, for Christ’s sake.

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