Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Test Kitchen Tuesday: Hodgson Mills European Herb and Cheese Bread

A few weeks ago, I had emailed Hodgson Mill requesting some coupons.  They were very generous and sent a STACK of coupons for free products to me.  So last week, when our friend came over for dinner, I thought I would take the coupons to the grocery store and see what products I could incorporate into dinner.

Unfortunately, the selection of Hodgson Mill products was very limited at our small grocery store, but I picked out their Italian Herb and Cheese Bread to go with lasagna and Caesar salad.  Please note:  I have NEVER made self rising bread before.

Just because this is a 'mix', it still needs to rise, be kneaded, etc - this is NOT a quick bread.

I made the bread EXACTLY as the directions said and it came out delicious.  The boys ate the entire loaf themselves, I got two slices.  Making this has certainly inspired me to make more bread (also, Red informed me that I was no longer allowed to NOT make bread for him).  I must admit, that as intimidated as I was by bread baking, it really is very easy.  Aside from the rise times, it really takes very little time, and I would like to think that from now on, on Sundays, I am going to make two loaves of bread, rather than buy them.


  1. Totally jealous...now I need to email Hodgson!!!

  2. Bread is so fun. You should make more. It's fun to punch and it's rewarding to eat after hours of preparation.