Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oooo Oooo That Smell...

I'm sorry that I was absent for my weekly 'Test Kitchen Tuesday' post.  I seem to have contracted a bug that has rendered me incapable of functioning.  My sap is running, my ear hurts, my sinuses are killing me, I have had a fever, and it feels like someone used my throat to sand the walls in our apartment.  About the only thing I was able to do from Monday to this morning was drink tea and honey and take care of the Yeti.  I slept all day yesterday and that is extremely out of character for me.

Finally, this morning, I woke up feeling better but not great.  Red kissed me good bye and I got my ass off the couch and decided to accomplish something today.

I realized that there was some sort of smell in the house.  Odd.  Red took the trash out this morning.  The dishes got done last night.  It's not baby diapers.  It's not the cat litter.  What else could it be?

Holy shit, its me.  I scanned my memory and realized that I didn't shower yesterday.  Or Monday.  My god you are disgusting.  I'm gonna need a wire brush and power washer to get this stink out.  Hopefully the couch hasn't absorbed this horrific odor.

So dear friends, since I am concerned that the neighbors might call the police thinking there is a rotting body up here, I am going to take a shower before the Yeti wakes up.  I promise I have a great post all worked out for tomorrow.  Don't call the EPA for the oil slick that will accumulate in the shower please.

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